Despite Revamp, I’m going to keep updating.


Innumerable shelves of books are laid before you as enter this building--which carries the legacy of the Runestone Family: the family's tales, art, and stories. There is a place for dusty tomes, filled with ancient lore. An area for paintings, and a gateway to other worlds (AKA Links). You are welcome to stay here as long as you like, or as little as you like. The door is always open to visitors.

What is this site about

This is my personal website. It has (and will contain) all sorts of things: Information on my stories/novels I'm writing, and links to several websites I've made in the past. This list may expand in the future. Or maybe not, who knows?

Journal Entries

Here are the written entries concerning this website. They'll contain updates and additions.

Despite Revamp, I’m going to keep updating.

I plan to update as much as possible while revamping the website. I guarantee you will love the new version of this website. I also plan to make revamped versions of some of my CHUM 250 websites--not for content reasons, but to show how much I've improved.

Revamping Website

You may have noticed the site is now massively different. Well, I'm revamping the website. It will be a better site.

Planned Graphic Art Gallery Change…

ince I have made a lot more signature banners of late, I'm going to post them, but then organize the page into multiple pages to see the different signature banners. I'm thinking of making a dropdown when you click the link that shows all those signature banners that are in that range.

Slow updates…

Well, I've continued to update my website with writings and updates to the Art Gallery. The Writing Section has been renamed to "The Library Section." In my opinion, it doesn't sound much better, but it'll do for now.

I will continue to update this website at a pace that I can while managing my homework. I only hope that this site gets noticed by potential web design employers and not just spammers. Thank you for your patience.

Difficulties fixed! And other things!

Things have worked out; I found a plug-in that will exclude pages from the navbar. It's called "exclude pages," and it's very nice. Just search for it under "Add New" under "Plugins," if you need it.

Also, I updated the Writing Section with more potential links and a new section called "Poems/Songs." I've written two poems and a song in my life. I might write more.

I'm also thinking about changing the name of the "Writing Section" to the "Library." That way, it doesn't sound so awkward.

Thank you for your patience.

Having difficulties…

I can’t seem to put a link to a page within a page without adding it to the navbar. Without being able to do this, I cannot put up anything for the Writing or Gaming Section.

Sorry for the lack of updates

I’ve been busy with school as of late, but that means more stuff to add to my portfolio later! Woo!

Anyway, I should do some updates soon. I promise.

Art Gallery Updated

I added some more descriptions to some banners. It’s not complete yet, but I’m almost done. Sorry for the long wait on updates.

CHUM 250 Websites up.

The Web design section is back up and with links to all the websites I made in CHUM 250. Thanks for waiting. I’ll get up the CHUM 345 stuff ASAP. … especially when I get a PHP server. Anyway, enjoy! These sites are part of my portfolio.

Web Design section down.

The web design section is currently down. I’ll have the websites back up in a little while. Thanks for your patience!